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Best Savoury Sandwich & Pizza in Edmonton


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Ham & Swiss Croissant

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Turkey & Swiss Croissant

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Edmonton's Famous Elektra Espresso Machine

Edmonton Grand Cafe & Bistro's Famous Elektra Espresso Machine


Healthy & Tasty



Tomato sauce, boccnconi cheese, basil, drizzle of olive oil



tzatziki sauce, tomatos, olives, red onion, feta cheese


Chicken Zucchini

pesto sauce, chicken, zucchini, mozzarella cheese



tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese



hummus, fresh spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, red onions, mozzarella cheese


The Grand

tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, salami, mozzarella cheese



sweet sauce, donair meat, tomatoes, red onions, mozzarella



tomato sauce, bell peppers, red onions, black olives, zucchini, mozzarella cheese



tomato sauce or pesto, tuna, red onions, olives, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese


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Turkey & Swiss Croissant


Ham & Swiss Croissant


Bacon Grilled Cheese


Mediterranean Panini


Chicken Club


Grand Reuben


Smoked Salmon Bagel


Restaurant & Cafe

It All Began In The Early 90s

Fadi Farhat saw an Elektra Espresso machine on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive tucked away in a coffee shop above a barber shop. Since then, he has dreamt of running a his own shop and having an Elektra Espresso machine.

As a barber for over 20 years he has worked towards this goal and today he is elated stating "this is a dream come true.”

If you’re curious what makes The Grand Cafe & Bistro different from other shops in Edmonton, all you have to do is come check out his Espresso machine. It is the centerpiece of this local shop.

Besides that, however, they’re also the only shop in Edmonton with Swiss Water full-caf coffee beans.

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